Mike Poole

Mike Poole is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer. He was performed all across the world doing improv, standup, sketch, and characters.

Currently you can see him improvise at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City with his team “Game 7” on Harold Night. He was previously UCB teams “Ice Cold Bev” and “Statham”.

Also a musical improvisor he has travelled across America, Europe, and even Off-Broadway with groups like North Coast: Hip Hop Improv and Baby Wants Candy: Shamilton.

He also performs and travels with all POC powerhouse group My Mommas Biscuits, Netflix and No Chill and Improvised Gilmore Girls.

Originally from Winslow Township NJ, Mike Poole graduated from Montclair State University with BA in Broadcasting with a minor in Art & Design. He has a lot of feelings about Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and desperately wants more people to discuss these films with him.